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My AfroSoulful  -”brother from another mother“, (he just doesn’t know it  yet or maybe he does :D ) – just released a new ditty so organic and so cool to soothe our souls from all the heat of the moment.

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He says:

I’d always loved Scorsese’s Taxi Driver particularly the scene in which the protagonist, Travis Bickle drives his cab around the mean and seedy…

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Disheartening News From The Home Country - A Trio of Songs

Disheartening News From The Home Country – A Trio of Songs


There it goes again… the news that makes your heart sink…. that makes worry creep on you like tangled snakes trying to eat the flesh of one’s heart away..

 – 88 killed over 200 injured in Abuja bombing -A total of 88 people were Monday killed when a car laden with improvised explosive devices (IEDS) went off at the Nyanya Motor Park – VanguardNG……………………………….and then “More than 200 people are…

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FASHION SPOTLIGHT : Babatunde Designs (Gareth Cowden)

FASHION SPOTLIGHT : Babatunde Designs (Gareth Cowden)

babatunde fashion

Somebody say ‘Pan African’ Fashion! and ‘Babatunde’ will appear. No Babatunde is not a person in this situation .. :D, it’s the name of a fashion collection founded by  Gareth Cowden in 2009.Gareth Cowden, born in Springs but grew up in Randburg, Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa.  . Although all his fashion items are made locally, Gareth has grown his brand not only in SA but all over the…

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africa 39
What is the Africa39 Project?

The Africa39 Project is part of the series of events and programs celebrating Port Harcourt’s selection as UNESCO World Book Capital for 2014 .Port Harcourt City in Rivers State, Nigeria was conferred the status of UNESCO World Book Capital in 2014, the first African city south of the Sahara to have such a status.

Following a submission call December of last year by

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Three Nigerian Friends & Their Tedx Talks Worth Sharing

Three Nigerian Friends & Their Tedx Talks Worth Sharing


I am inspired to present to you, my fellow Nigerians who are doing great things, expressing their talents and walking in their callings, in their different spheres of influence in the diaspora. They were recently recognized to give Ted Talks in their respective resident cities.

I have interacted with them over time and I am surely blessed to ‘know’ them. I call them my ’social media comrades’and…

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Here Comes The African Emojis :-)

Here Comes The African Emojis :-)


Talk about diversity  in the digital world as a company called OjuAfrica launches Afro Emoticons aka Emojis of the negroid race :-) OjuAfrica is a division of an African mobile manufacturer called Mi-Fone. Mi-Fone is said to be the FIRST AFRICAN Mobile Devices Brand, and has been reinventing the mobile market in Africa since 2008. They believe that it is a necessity, and not a privilege that the…

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Presenting Africa’s 1st Private Online University

Presenting Africa’s 1st Private Online University


Expanding the benefits of e-learning & hybrid learning to the continent, here’s proudly presenting Africa’s 1st Private Online University founded by Gossy Ukanwoke of  Beni American University

Beni American University is an institution of higher learning that strongly believes that access to a global high quality education should not be limited by resources, finances, location or infrastructure.…

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Fashion Week - The African Versions

Fashion Week – The African Versions


What is the purpose of Fashion week anyway? Is it a showcase of eye-candy fashion that the average person can not afford to adorn themselves with? or is it a ritual gathering of upper bourgeois tastemakers of fashion? Here’s a little history behind the purpose of the event.

A fashion week is a fashion industry event, lasting approximately one week, which allows fashion designers, brands or…

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From Russia With Love?

From Russia With Love?


The beauty of the  African people, the culture, the  aesthetically appealing artistry and artifacts  has always been a source of exotic wonder and inspiration for further creativity for other parts of the world.  Even with an incorporation, a merge of other elements (from other cultures) . Russia is on the spotlight today, I know there is  crisis going on right now and hope issues get sorted…

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Because I’m HAPPY

Because I’m HAPPY

happy cover

The funky, upbeat, very popular song ‘Happy’ by Pharrell Williamsis not an ordinary song. The way it is still spreading like wild fire, the joy it brings, the numerous covers of it, the video remake from different parts of the globe, the effect on  its audience are all  so magical.  There is really nothing so complex and overtly musically/technically creative about the song, but the simplicity,…

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